At DJ's Jewelry, we offer the following services:


DJ’s Jewelry offers FREE Insurance Appraisals on any merchandise purchased from us. Usually if the item is $1,000 or more your insurance company will want an appraisal, if it is under $1,000 they will usually accept your purchase receipt.  

We also appraise merchandise not purchased from us. To have an insurance appraisal done you can either leave the merchandise with us like a normal repair ($110 for the first item and $83 for each additional item left at the same time), or make an appointment in advance for a Same Day Appraisal; you will need to drop your jewelry off at 10:00am and we will do our best to have it ready before closing the same day($165 for the first item and $124 for each additional done at the same time). Please keep in mind that not all Appraisals can be completed in a single day. We do need to see your item before we can determine if it is applicable for a Same Day Appraisal.   

We recommend having your appraisals updated every Five to Ten Years, Or when there is a spike in material prices to insure your appraisal is still accurate. It is only $55 to have an appraisal we did for you updated. You do need to bring the original in with you. With out the original we will need to do a New Appraisal and original appraisal fees will apply.  

Appriasial services are not available during the month of December.

Beading / Re-Stringing:

We do all kinds of Beading / Re-Stringing. If you have Gem Stones; not just limited to pearls, or some kind of bead that you would like to have strung we do offer custom stringing. We can string any design you have in mind.  

You can also have a design you already have re-strung. This includes broken strands. Even if you have some parts missing, we can get just about any part you need. (See store for pricing and time frame options.)

Custom Design & Custom Jewelry Fabrication:

“If It’s Jewelry, DJ’s Does It!”

One of our Specialties is Custom Design and Jewelry Fabrication. How the design process works is different for each project depending on what parts you have and if you have a design idea or not; the beginning of each design is where we decide what you would like. If you already have parts you want to use or incorporate we brain storm with you what kind of a finished product we can make with your parts and possibly more depending on the design. Or if you do not have parts yet, we start brain storming what kind of a jewelry item you are dreaming about.

We can literally make anything you can Dream up in Gold (any color gold available), Platinum, or Silver. And once the dream is realized we make it a reality! 

The time line for completion depends on the project. We would LOVE to talk to you about your Custom Design. Stop by anytime, there is no appointment necessary.

For Custom Design Policies see Custom Work in Store Policies...For more details about Custom Design and Jewelry Fabrication; including more details about the design and fabrication process see Custom Jewelry... 

Diamond Importers:

We LOVE Diamonds! It is one of our areas of Expertise and definitely an area we are VERY passionate about. We recommend diamonds that are G or better in Color and SI or better in Clarity. We can get ANY shape and size you would like. As well as any Clarity or Color you would like; including Fancy Color Diamonds. That said we ALWAYS recommend seeing the diamond you are purchasing before you buy it.

There are many, many, many options when looking at a diamond and all the options play into the price. With Diamonds you Definitely can see what you are paying for. Which is why we want to make sure you are paying for what you want, and why we are more than happy to go over any questions you have about diamonds with you. You do not need an appointment for this.  

There is a brief diamond education on our website for you to see, but would much rather show you in person. Diamonds really are something that is better seen than read about. Which is why we get in the diamond you are think you want as well as the diamond we think you will LOVE and let you see the difference for yourself and choose which you want. 

For centuries now lovers have used Diamonds to represent their love and how it will last for all eternity; like the beautiful diamond they choose to represent it. Don’t you want to represent your love with a timeless, truly beautiful Diamond that will last forever? Because not all diamonds are Beautiful or Timeless.  

Come talk with our Diamond Experts today and see what the difference is between our Diamonds that will truly represent Love that will last an eternity, and the other UGLY diamonds you see else where. 


We always do our best to stay at the fore-front of the jewelry industry. In keeping with that, we brought in a state of the art engraving machine; that can engrave just about anything, on just about any material.    We can engrave on everything from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum to wood, and even glass. We added this engraving machine to our store to be able to offer our customers the best service possible with the most options for personalizing your jewelry.  That said, we do also engrave items not purcahsed from us as well.  

If you have something you would like engraved please bring it by the store and we can tell you; if we can engrave it and how much it will cost to engrave.  Like our other services we offer an express time line (that can ususally be completed same day) and a discounted rate for our normal repair time line.  -- Please keep in mind we do offer additional discount on your engraving when you purchase what you are having engraved from us. -- 

Eye Glasses Temporary Repair:

Most of us at DJ’s where glasses, so we know what a pain it is to be with out your glasses. Even for the short time it takes to get a new pair from the optometrist when your glasses break. So we offer a temporary repair to help get you from your broken pair to your new pair.  

We are not an optometrist, so we do not have parts for eye glasses, offer adjustments, or do actual eye glasses repair. This temporary repair is for breaks in the frames of your glasses that can be soldered back together. As solder with a flexible metal (which is what we work with) next to a brittle metal (which is usually what glasses frames are made from) forms a weak spot, this repair is not intended to be permanent and will not take adjusting. It will however keep you from being blind while you wait for your new eye glasses to arrive.  

Visit store for pricing and repair time lines. 

Gem Stone Importers:

Gem Stones come from all over the World. Each continent offers a different atmosphere with different minerals which attributes to the Gems found there. At DJ’s we will help you find the Perfect Gem for your project. We have established excelent connections and can find your Dream Gem, reguarless of rarity.  If it is available, we will find it for you. 

Come talk to our Gem Stone Specialists and we will help you find the perfect Gem Stone for you or your loved one.

Gift Wrapping:

We offer FREE Gift Wrapping of any items purchased from DJ’s Jewelry. Presentation is very important in gift giving, especially in romantic moments. You can easily turn a Romantic, Special moment into a fumble if you don’t have your presentation set up. So we do everything we can to give you a memorable presentation. 

Gift Certificates:

DJ’s Jewelry offers gift certificates in any denomination for any occasion.

Jewelry Cleaning:

Any time purchased from DJ’s Jewelry always gets FREE cleaning. We recommend having your jewelry cleaned and checked for wear and tear every 3 months. It helps keep your jewelry sparkling and lets us, let you know of any possible maintenance needed before it becomes a problem.  

We also clean and inspect jewelry not purchased from us; while you are having work done on it with us, or are in our store doing other business with us.

Non-Jewelry silver items such as silver utensils, platters, pitchers, etc. can be brought in for cleaning. Bring in your items you wish to have cleaned and we can give you a price and time line (where applicable) to have it cleaned.

Jewelry Plating:

Jewelry plating at DJ’s is a rhodium plating, and cannot be done on all jewelry. Most commonly we plate jewelry that is already white gold, but that is not as white as you would like it to be, to make it whiter. The plating does wear off over time, and the length of time it lasts does depend on what you are doing while wearing your jewelry. Strong chemicals including but not limited to bleach, ammonia, and chlorine can shorten the length of time the plating will last.  

If you have plating on your jewelry already that is un-even or is coming off only in some areas, we do not recommend re-plating because the new plating will not be even. The metal under the plating can and will effect the new plating.  

We only plate jewelry, we are not set-up for large items such as serving platters, silver wear, etc. To see if we can plate your jewelry item, bring it in. 

Jewelry Purchasing:

We buy large amounts gold and platinum; weighing 1 ounce or more, and some diamonds; depending on the quality, for scrap value. Once they are purchased, we send them to a scrap house.  They are not available for repurchase. In order to sell an item to us you need to be 18 years of age and have a valid ID / Driver’s License. If we do not purchase what you are attempting to sell, there is a $1.00 fee for each metal / stone we test. (If your gold or platinum does not weight 1 ounce or more, you can always trade-it in towards new jewelry. See "Up-Grading")

Jewelry Repair:

“If it is Jewelry, DJ’s Does it!” This is not just a motto at DJ’s. It is the truth about us. We can do just about anything with jewelry and we do. Sizing of rings and chains, chain repairs, stone tightening, prong work, ring crack repairs, stone cutting and polishing, watch repair, jewelry plating, jewelry enameling, and much, much more.  

Come see us with your jewelry repair questions. We would be happy to discuss your repair options as well as repair time frame options. You do not need an appointment.