Our Policies

Jewelry Buys:

We buy Gold (weighing in total over One Ounce) and Some Diamonds (depending on the quality) for scrap. Once they are purchased, we send them to a scrap house, so they are not available for repurchase. In order to sell an item to us you need to be 18 years of age and have a valid ID / Driver’s License. If we do not purchase what you are attempting to sell, there is a $1.00 fee for each metal / stone we test.

Custom Work: 

“If it’s jewelry, DJ’s does it!” 
We can make just about anything you can dream up in Gold, Platinum, or Silver. All Custom Jewelry is non-refundable, and requires a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit (Deposit: 25/30/50% depending on the Project) before the work begins. Full payment is required when the merchandise is picked up. We offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, so if you like another piece in the showcase, an exchange can usually be made, except if the merchandise is engraved or personalized (No Refunds).


Most merchandise is accepted for exchange within 30 days of purchase date, as long as the merchandise has not been worn and is in its original packaging. Most special-order items (as long as merchandise is not personalized) are accepted for exchange within 30 days of pick-up date with a restocking fee. All altered or personalized merchandise are Non-Exchangeable (No Refunds).

Gemstone Enhancement Disclosure: 

Purchasers of colored gemstones should be aware that natural gemstones are processed from the time they are extracted from the earth by one or more traditionally accepted trade practices. All colored gemstones listed on the front of the sales slip have probably been subjected to a stable and, possibly undetectable, enhancement process using standard gemological equipment. In some cases highly sophisticated instrumentation generally found only in research laboratories may be required to detect treatment. All relevant information will be readily provided to the best of our knowledge.

In-House Accounts: 

DJ’s Jewelry only takes on new “In-House Accounts” at the discretion of its management. DJ’s Jewelry charges interest and late fees on all of these accounts. DJ’s Jewelry may sell accounts to third parties at any time without prior notice to the customer. When starting an "In-House Account," customers agree to maintain and insure jewelry for full value against loss and damage until the balance owed is paid-in-full. Amount of insurance must cover the account balance.


DJ’s Jewelry offers a 3-month, interest-free layaway with a minimum deposit of 20%. The balance of the layaway is to be paid in full within 3 months of the original purchase date. If the customer fails to pay off the balance at the end of the allotted time frame and fails to contact DJ’s to make arrangements, then a 15% restocking fee as well as the cost of any alterations will be deducted from the customer’s balance and a store credit will be issued. (Extended Payment Options are available for larger purchases.)

DJ’s Jewelry Does Not Give Refunds. 

There is a $10.00 Late Payment Charge per month and a charge of 1.65% per month on layaways left over 90 Days. 

Our Guarantee / Warranty: 

All merchandise is guaranteed to be what the description states it to be--free of manufacturer's defects. It will be left to the discretion of DJ’s Jewelry to determine the limits of our liability for repairs or replacement.

Special Orders: 

A “Special Order” at DJ’s Jewelry is anything that we order in for you; this is different from “Custom Work” (see Custom Work section for policies about custom work). There is a non-negotiable, non-refundable 50% fee on any canceled / discontinued Special Orders. This fee helps us to cover some of the costs when we order in an item that we were not expecting to add to our showcases. If it is an Individualized Special Order such as, but not limited to, mother’s jewelry and specially-cut gem stones, the Special Order is not cancelable once we can no longer cancel the order with our suppliers. At / after that point, full payment is due (no exceptions). Any balance that was prepaid beyond the non-refundable 50% fee can be used on another item in the store or left as a store credit until you wish to use it. 

DJ’s does not give Refunds. 


DJ’s Jewelry DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS. Exchanges or Store Credits are permitted within 30 days from the date of purchase when accompanied with the original sales receipt. The returned merchandise must be unused and unworn, in original condition, and without alteration. Where applicable, the piece should be returned in the original gift box with all warranty cards and instruction books intact. There are no refunds. Refunds, exchanges, or credits will not be permitted on special orders, altered / custom items, sales items, items designated under “as is” or “final” types of sales.

Returned Check(s): 

Returned checks due to insufficient funds will result in a $25.00 fee. Funds that the check was allotted by pay are due immediately. We require payment by Cash or Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, etc.) to pay balance due. Checks will ONLY be accepted at our discretion.


While we only purchase gold and platinum if it weighs over 1 ounce, you can trade-in any weight toward a New Jewelry purchase. We give you twice the current market scrap value toward the Jewelry you are purchasing. However you can only Trade-In up to half of your purchase. For Example if you are trading in $1,000 you need to purchase $2,000.  

You do not need an appointment to trade jewelry in toward new jewelry. If we do test your jewelry (which we have to do to give you a trade-in value) then it does cost $1.00 per item tested that you do not trade-in. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid government issued ID to trade-in your jewelry. 


We always encourage our customers to come back and Up-Grade their jewelry. There is no time limit on how soon or how far out you can Up-Grade your purchase from DJ's Jewelry. Any Precious Metal, Precious Gem, or Diamond Jewelry item you purchase from us can be "Up-Graded" at any point in time. However you cannot trade straight across, it must be an "Up-Grade". Meaning it must be at least twice the trade-in value. (Example: If Up-Grading an item purchased for $1,000.00, you must Up-Grade to something at least but not limited to $2,000.00)

We also take items not purchased from us as a Trade-In toward an Up-Grade. The amount of trade-in for these items varies depending on their current market scrap value. We give twice scrap value toward your trade-in. The same Up-Grade policy applies; the item being purchased must be at least twice the trade-in amount.

See us in person for specific details about your possible Up-Grade!