Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

In Nature most things are not formed perfect!  We all have a few flaws.  Whether we show them or not is up to us.
Clarity Enhancement
The same can be said for Diamonds.  Most formed with a few imperfections.  Some more than others, whether it is a little extra coloring (excluding fancy colored diamonds) or some extra personality locked away inside.  Clarity Enhancement is a way of hiding this.  Permanently. 


  •  What is a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?
  • Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are Natural Diamonds.  Their clarity is enhanced through advanced technology, yet their strength and structure remains unaffected.   This is done using a vacuum process, the air within the diamond's inclusion is removed and replaced with a material that is very similar to a diamond.  This filler material mimics the diamond in the way it interacts with the light entering the diamond.  The inclusion is still in the diamond but since it is now filled it can no longer be seen with the naked eye.


  • Are all Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Flawless as a result of the process?
  • No.  The process varies in its final result depending on what clarity the diamond had prior to enhancement.  Since the process can only improve the apparent clarity by one or two grades.


  • Is the treatment process permanent?
  • Under normal wear and tear, the treatment will last for life.  Exposure to a jeweler's torch (such as during re-tipping) can alter the filler material or even remove it entirely.


  • Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds also laser Drilled?
  • Laser drilling is not required in order to process a clarity enhanced diamond.  Some clarity enhanced diamonds are laser drilled as well for one of two reasons.  The diamond could have had a carbon spot in addition to a suitable inclusion, or the inclusion was completely enclosed within the diamond and therefore required and entryway.


  • How do you identify a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?
  • All Clarity enhanced diamonds exhibit a "flash effect".  When tilted under light a subtle flash can be seen under 10x magnification. This flash can be seen in different colors such as violet, blue or pink. 


  • Do Clarity Enhanced Diamonds cost less than non-enhanced Diamonds?
  • Yes- there is a 30 to 40% difference in price.  Keep in mind that although they cost less they are not worth less.  They just look as good as their non-clairty enhanced counterparts.


  • Does a Diamond being Clarity Enhanced decrease the value?
  • No-The diamond retains the same value it had before it was enhanced.  The difference is it looks like a better quality diamond.


  • Can Any Diamond be clarity enhanced?
  • No-Not all Diamond are suitable for Clarity Enhancement.  The placement, size, and type of imperfection determine the diamonds candidacy for Clarity Enhancement.  If you are curious if you Diamond is a good candidate for Clarity Enhancement, bring it in and we will be happy to check it, or have it checked for candidacy for you.