Custom Jewelry

Completely Custom Creation from the Concept to the Finished Treasure.

Pre- Creation: Step One – 
What is your Dream? Let’s start by playing with jewelry to find what you love. 

Pre- Creation: Step Two – 
White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, or Silver?

Pre- Creation: Step Three – 
Build your design! Now that you have an idea already we can build off this. We have a very unique variety of jewelry that may be exactly what you are looking for, or at least give us good ideas to pull from. Catalogs are also a great resource in designing. The combination of good resources coupled with years of experience in the jewelry industry will result in a fabulous design for you. Together we can create exactly what you are looking for. That is the beauty of Custom Creation. No Settling. 

Final Pre- Creation: Step Four – 
At this point we can Create your Treasure. We will be able to give you a quote of how much it will cost to make your project and how long it will take. Since every Custom job is completely unique the price and time line varies greatly. Some can be created as fast as later the same day and others may take three to four weeks. 

Creation – Behind the Scene: Step One - 
There are two ways to proceed from here. We start by taking the sketch and pictures for the desired piece and use them to:
A-) Make a 3-D image of the design in wax. This is done by hand and requires a lot of attention to detail. Depending on the detail in the item this step can take many days. 
B-)Fabricate the design out of metal. (If we are able to fabricate the ring in metal, we do not need to cast it; so we would skip Behind the Scene Step 2-5, and continue to Behind the Scene Step 6)

Behind the Scene: Step Two – 
Once the wax is finished we use it to make a plaster mold. We have a special cylinder that we lace the wax into and fill with a plaster like substance; called investment.

Behind the Scene: Step Three – 
Once it has dried; we heat the entire piece until it is hot enough that the wax melts out and we are left with a plaster mold of your Custom Creation. 

Behind the Scene: Step Four – 
Next we place the mold in our Casting Machine; the machine has a space the cylinder mold locks into. We heat the metal of choice until it is liquid and use the casting machine to shoot the liquid metal into the mold so fast that it fills the entire mold and design. This is very important because if the entire mold is not filled and there is air bubbles or pits we start over, at the wax carving stage.

Behind the Scene: Step Five – 
When the Casting is complete then we remove the item; plaster in all, from the cylinder and soak and break the plaster off the metal. From here we do an initial clean up of the jewelry piece. Removing any spurs, flattening out any extra metal that is not a planned part of the design, cut the seats for the stones; if any are going to be in the design.

Behind the Scene: Step Six – 
Next we refine the detailing of the jewelry piece. Make any engravings or carved design crisper and more visible.

Behind the Scene: Step Seven- 
Followed by a more detailed Polishing and Clean up of the design.

Behind the Scene: Step Eight – 
Finally we get to set the Stones in the design. Depending on the style of setting chosen and the amount of stones in the design this can take hours or days. 

Behind the Scene: Step Nine - 
Once all the Stones have been set we do yet another Clean up and Polishing of your Custom Creation

Custom Piece Finished! At this point your Custom creation has been finished! We will call, or email you; depending on your preference so you can come in and see your’ newly Created Design. 

Gift Wrapping – 
Presentation is VERY important in a memory forming a special moment such as giving jewelry. We strongly recommend gift wrapping and would be happy to wrap your newly created Treasure for you so it is all ready to give when you leave our store.