Proposal Ideas

Now that you have the ring, how are you going to ask? The most important thing to remember is that you LOVE her! If you are ready to ask, she is probably ready to say yes! So take a deep breath and relax. Then think of an idea that reflects the two of you… and make sure you are romantic. You will both remember this for the rest of your lives!

"Here are some ideas we have collected, feel free to borrow!"


* Being corny romantic is always a good thing when you are talking about love. Get down on one knee, present the ring, tell her how prposal_1.jpgmuch you love her, and ask “Will You Marry Me”?

* If you don’t have the ring yet, and are having a hard time choosing which ring she will want, you can set up an appointment after our normal hours and we will be waiting with romantic lighting, romantic music, Champagne to celebrate your new engagement and, of course, our engagement rings… you can bring in your soon-to-be fiancée, get down on one knee and ask her “Will You Marry Me?” and then let her pick out her dream ring! It will be romantic, unforgettable, and you will know she loves her engagement ring.

*Take her to a romantic dinner! Have it prearranged with the restaurant so that when you order Champagne they bring out her glass with the ring already in it! Then when she sees it, get down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you! (If you decide on an alternative beverage, make sure she can see the ring so she doesn’t drink it! That would but a bump in the evening.

* If she reads a specific magazine every month or a specific section of the newspaper, that is the perfect place for a public proposal. Place an ad reading “Name, Will You Marry Me? Name” and be sure to include both names so she knows it is definitely you asking her! It’s romantic and a good way to spread the good news about your probable new engagement!

prposal_3.jpg* If either of you have children, get the kids involved. Since you will all be one family soon (or one legally-recognized family--if you are already family), it will make it very meaningful--especially if the kids are young and from a previous relationship.  If you and the kid(s) ask her to marry you (and them), she will really feel like she is welcomed to the family

*Call her favorite radio station when you know she will be listening, and have them call her so you can ask her on air! It is a great surprise she won’t expect! And it lets you share it with everyone listening.

* If you two are sports buffs, what better place to propose than at a sporting event? Prearrange to have “Name, Will You Marry Me? Name” displayed on the big screen. Then, have them zoom the camera in on the two of you and while she is reading, get down on one knee and be presenting the ring to her when the camera’s hit you. She will see it on the big screen first, then see the two of you and turn to give you her answer. You may even be able to get a recording of it from the arena for a keepsake.

*If the two of you are into theater, plan on taking her to a play followed by a horse and buggy ride, if possible, where you'll “pop” the big question! The night starscape with the romance of the buggy ride will be a perfect setting, especially after a great play! Don't forget to pack the champagne to celebrate! 

*If you have an opportunity for it to be just the two of you for an evening, this is very romantic: Create a path by using rose petals from the front door to the bedroom. Fill the room with roses and candles, with rose petals all over the bed and romantic music playing in the background. Be waiting for her (dressed to impress), and down on one knee presenting the ring to her.  As she walks in the room, ask her “Will You Marry Me?”  This is sure to win her heart and make a memory neither of you will ever forget!

*Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Prearrange to have the waiter/waitress bring a single red (the color of love) rose to the table with the ring attached to the rose, make sure he/she hands it to her that way she will feel / see the ring. Then get down on one knee and officially ask the big question! Neither of you will ever look at roses again without thinking of that special day!

*Take her on a picnic with all the trimmings and leave the ring in the basket. When the mood is right, ask her to get something out of proposal_5.jpgthe basket. Have the ring be easy for her to find when she opens the basket.  When she finds the ring, ask “Will You Marry Me?” Definitely a great treat for desert!

*If her birthday is coming up, a unique idea could be to bake a cake for her birthday and spell out “Will you Marry Me?” with the ring as the topper and carry the cake over to her. When you get to her, kneel and read it to her! She will love it, and every birthday or cake event you’ll both remember the day you proposed to her :-) This is definitely a good way to get a year older! 

*Make sure you know when high tide is so your message doesn’t get washed away, but write out “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand and then take a nice romantic walk along the beach. Sunset is the perfect time for this, as long as the tides cooperate!

*If you want to make her wonder a little, a good idea could be to send her flowers every day for a week leading up to the day you want to “pop” the question. Then, on the last day, you deliver a single red (the color of love) rose and, as you hand it to her, get down on one knee and ask “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” 

proposal_4.jpg* If the two of you have a special view you like, or a place you like to walk, hire a skywriter to write, "Will You Marry Me?" or rent one of those planes that carries a banner behind it reading “Will You Marry Me?” and when she comments how someone is doing that, get down on one knee and present the ring! She’ll love all the effort you went to.

*Buy a book, cut out a hole the same size of the ring in the pages. Place the ring in the book and present it to her.

*Freeze the ring in an ice cube. Give your lovely lady a cold drink using your ring cube. Use a clear glass and a clear drink (water or a clear soda so she can see it). It will be fun for you waiting for her to see it. Then you will both be laughing when she realizes as you get down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of her life with you! This is especially good on a hot day... the ice will melt a lot faster!

*You could give her a BIG present… just for no reason, and have a smaller wrapped box inside, then a smaller one, and a smaller one, and a smaller one… until she comes to the ring box. She will get more and more excited as the boxes get smaller and smaller, as she opens the ring box get down on one knee… as she looks up at you, ask her “Will You Marry Me?” 

* Is she a pet lover? How about getting her a puppy or kitten and tie the ring around the new animal's neck as a collar? If she already has a house full of furry friends, tie the ring around her favorite cat or dog's neck. Now just make sure the four-legged friend doesn't chew the ring off and swallow it! 

*Does she travel on business a lot? Pick her up at the airport with a sign that says, "Will You Marry Me?" then get down on one knee right in the baggage-claim area.

*Build a snowman together, then when she isn't looking, put the ring box in the snowman's hand and tell her you think you two have what it takes to outlast the seasons! Getting down on one knee when you tell her would be a nice touch.

*Have a singing telegram delivered to her at work! The bigger the scene the better! With all the congratulations, she will be a blushing fiancée, soon to be a blushing bride!

* If you have a special spot the two of you like to go to, take her there at sunset, get down on one knee and ask "Will You Marry Me?" It will be very romantic!

* Do you have the keys to her car? Fill it with Balloons and a sign that says, "Will You Marry Me?" Make sure you are there when she sees her car so you can hear her answer!

*Sometimes it's not how you do it but where... go to your favorite spot, whether it's a park, the beach, or favorite restaurant. Then just get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. It will make it very special for just you two!

*Taking a vacation soon? Plan on asking her while you are on vacation. She will really be surprised and most vacation locations have prposal_2.jpggreat spots to propose. (Ex: At Disneyland in the Castle would be a perfect beginning for your fairytale! Or...on a mountain top with a view of Lake Tahoe while you are camping.)

*Have your marriage proposal placed on a slide before a movie; she will never expect it!

*Use glow-in-the-dark stickers to spell out "Will You Marry Me?" Then settle in for a movie or just to cuddle, but don't forget to turn off the lights!

*During a hot air balloon ride with the “world at your feet” is a very romantic way to propose. Make a day of it. Make a big deal about how the two of you are going up in the hot air balloon so she won’t be thinking about you possibly proposing and when you get up high and are admiring the view, get down on one knee, tell her how she is your world and ask “Will You Marry Me?” Definitely unforgettable and completely romantic! 

  If you want to share your Proposal or an idea you have, please e-mail us