Interesting Jewelry Facts

*Pearl, Amber, Coral, and Ivory are Organic Gems; meaning they are formed by a living organisum. 

*Diamonds are found in the earth layer known as Kimberlite.

*Diamonds naturally occur in just about every hue.  They are 99.9% Carbon, the 0.01% that is another minieral determins the color/hue of the Diamond.  

*Most Natural Diamonds are about the same age, which is approximately Three and a Half Billion Years old.

*Diamonds and Graphite have the same chemical make up.  What makes the a Diamond a Diamond and Graphite, Graphite is the arrangment of their atoms.  Graphite has more space between the molicues, where Diamonds are tightly bonded.
*Did you know all Gold Starts as Yellow Gold? It’s True! Pure Gold, meaning just gold; no alloys added, is Yellow. It’s also really soft! 

*Black Opals (currently one of the most sought after Opals) were once regarded as the leftover (garbage) Opals. jewelry_facts_1.jpg

*Opals can consist of up to 30% water.

*Sapphires come in all the colors of the Rainbow, except Red; which is a Ruby. The different minerals in the ground that Sapphires are formed in effect what color the sapphire is going to be. 

*Citrine and Amethyst are both Quartz. 

*Ruby is named after its red color deriving from the Latin word “Rubeus”.jewelry_facts_4.jpg

*Sapphire is also named after it's blue color deriving from the Greek word "Sappherios".

*Tungsten Carbide is Corundum, which is also what Sapphires and Rubies are made of.

*Palladium is in the Platinum Family.

*Alexandrite can appear to be green in the daylight and turns a light red in artificial light.

*The name Emerald derives from the Greek word "Smaraydos"; meaning Green Stone. 
*The color of “some gemstones” may be altered by time or normal living environments. For example Kunzite; a pink Gem, can turn into a pale or even clear color when exposed to direct sunlight.

*Morganite, Aqua Marine, and Emerald are all from the same crystal family;  Beryl.  

*Amethyst is available in Purple and Green.

* "Green" Gold is created by combining Gold and Silver.  

*Garnet is available in every color, except blue.

*The "Galatea Pearl" is a cultured, seeded pearl which has been recognized by GIA it's own Gem Stone.  Classifiied sperate from pearl. 

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