Birth Stone Guide

January's Birth Stone is Garnet: GarnetMozambiqueRoundLoose-11.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Capricorn & Aquarius

Garnet's name is from the Latin word "granatus" meaning "seed like".  This stems from the fact that garnet crystals in their host rock can appear in the shape and color of pomegrante seeds. Commonly thought of as a dark red stone, it is actually a large family of gems occuring naturally in every color except blue.  Brilliant, colorful and durable, garnets have been found on every continent, but are mostly mined in Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa.

February's Birth Stone is Amethyst: RoundPurpleAmethystLoose-34.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Aquarius & Pisces

The most valuable member of the quartz family and birth stone for Feburary babies, Amethyst gets it's name from the Greek word meanding "to intoxicate".  Legend has it that the Greek God Bacchus was offended by the neglect of the Goddess Dianna and vowed vengeance, declaring that the first person he met would be devoured by tigers.  The beautiful maiden, Amethyst crossed his path and as the tigers sprang toward her, she called upon the Goddess Diana for protection.  Diana saved her by turning her into a pure clear stone.  Bacchus became repentant and atoned by pouring wine over the stone, imparting it with a lovely purple hue.    

Amethyst has been prized through out time, particularly by nobility, for its rich purple hues.  It may be found in colors ranging from the palest lavenders to the deepest purple.  Generally the deeper the color the more highly prized the Amethyst.  

Most Amethyst is mined in Brazil while Siberia, Urguay and Canada also mine the Gem. 

March's Birth Stone is AquaMarine: AQUAMarineTrillion-20.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Pisces & Aries

AquaMarine is believed to be a very magical gem with lots of mystery surrounding it.  The name literally means "ocean water", with tales of AquaMarine dating back to the ancient seafaring days.  Sailors of old believed that these glittering watery gems came from the treasure chest of the mermaids.  It's no wonder then, that AquaMarine is said to bring good luck to all who sail the seas.  AquaMarine also promises love, health, and youthful energy to those who wear it.  It is thought to have many healing properites as well, especially for the eyes. 

AquaMarine is a member of the Beryl family, a cousin to Emerald.  It's color ranges from a very faint light blue to the more desireable deep aqua blue; like ocean water.  While it is not a ring to wear during your rougher tasks it will do great under daily wear.

Most AquaMarine is mined in South America, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Russia, Africa and China.

April's Birth Stone is the Legendary Diamond: diamond.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Aries & Taurus

Diamonds have been loved throughout time.  They have been used for everything from currency to adornment of crown jewels.  In modern time we in the United States have chosen them to represent the "timeless love" we share with our spouse.  Diamonds are one of the substances known that are truly timeless.  They are billions of years old and as long as they are not abused will look the same a billion years from now as they do today, making them the perfect symbol of un-dying love and devotion for wedding rings. 

Diamonds can be worn day or night, in work or in play.  Gem Quality Diamonds are mined in India, Russia, Africa, and a small amount in Canada. 

May's Birth Stone is Emerald: EmeraldCutEmeraldLoose-30.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Taurus & Gemini

The beautiful Green color is said to relieve stress, reveal truth and protect it's wearer from evil as well as make them an eloquent speaker.  In love it is supposed to reveal the truth of falseness of a lover's oath.  Emerald is even rumored to heal eye strain and restore the eye's natural lasstitude. 

As a memeber of the Beryl family, cousin to AquaMarine and Morganite, Emerald is a wearable Gem.  An Emerald's incomparable dark green color is produced only under extremely rare conditions.  Because these conditions also result in tiny cracks and cavities in the crystals, inclusions are acceptable in top quality Emeralds. 

Emerald is mined in Afghanistan, Columbia, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, and Russia.

June's Birth Stones are Pearl & Alexandrite: pearl_alexandrite.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stones for Gemini & Cancer. 

Pearl is the primary birth stone and has been a symbol of love, happiness, wealth, honor and longevity across the globe for centuries.  Pearls have been considered a wonderful aphrodisiac when dissolved in wine, a gift of fertility when worn to bed or on the couples wedding day. 

Pearls can come from either salt or freshwater sources.  Typically, saltwater pearls tend to be higher quality, although there are several types of freshwater pearls that are considered high in quality as well.  Freshwater pearls tend to be very irregular in shape, with a puffed rice appearance the most prevalent.  Nevertheless, it is each individual pearls' merits that determines value more than the source of the pearl. 

Alexandrite is the Secondary Birth Stone.  Naturally found Alexandrite is becoming increasingly rare.  It was originally found in Russia in the Ural Mountains in 1830, named after Alexander the second (heir to the throne).  Russians fell fast in love with Alexandrites' color change from Red to Green, because it mirrored their Imperial Russian Flat.-This mine's beautiful treasure was short lived, but the colors are still sought after in today's mines which are Sir Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil. 

July's Birth Stone is Ruby: RubyPearCut-77.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Cancer & Leo  

Ruby gets it's name from the Latin word "Ruber", which means "red".  As you may have guessed from the names origin, Rubies are in fact Red.  They can range in color from a Redish-Pink to a Redish-Purple.  It's Color is used to symbolize all things love; longevity, passion, and romance!  Ruby jewelry is a very Romantic gesture, symbolizing the committing of ones heart to another.  Making it the perfect gift for an Anniversary, Valentine's Day, or a Just because I Love You!  

As a member of the corundum family (which sapphire is also a member of), the hardness of a Ruby is only surpassed by that of a Diamond.  Rubies are currenlty mined in Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Sir Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Pakistan.  

August's Birth Stone is Peridot: peridot.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone of Leo & Virgo

Throughout time Peridot has been associated with light.  The Egyptians for instance called it the "gem of the sun."  It's color ranges from springtime yellow-green to warm-olive green.  Peridot is also is also distinguished by its soft, velvety appearance.  Color is the most important quality for peridots; the greener the peridot, the higher its value.  

We get most of our Peridots from Arizona because we love the warm green color this mine produces.  It is a great accent Gem or can be the star of your jewelry.  It is durable enough it can be worn everyday as long as care is taken and it is removed for abrasive activites.  It can be cleaned in warm soapy water, or brought in to DJ's Jewelry for cleaning. 

September's Birth Stone is Sapphire: RoundBrilliantCutBlueSapphire-98.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Virgo & Libra 

While Blue is the most commonly thought of color of Sapphire; thanks to commercial advertising, it is not the only color available.  Sapphires are Corundum, which is a very durable crystal, that is naturally found in every color in the rainbow, except red.  Red Corundum is known as Ruby.  

Blue Sapphires are primarily found in East Africa.  Several countries produce gem quality Sapphires, including the United States, Asia, and Australia.

October's Birth Stone is Opal and Turmoline: tourmaline_opal.jpg

The Zodiacs Birth Stones for Libra and Scorpio

Opal is the primary birth stone.  Opals are a very magical gem that is unique from other gemstones in that it is a living stone.  It needs to be protected from heat and loved, much like humans.  If you beat it up and abuse it, it will be visible in the stones, much like when we don't take care of ourselves we are worse for wear.  

Most Opals are more than 60 millions years old and contain a wide variety of colors.  No two are exactly alike; even when cutting two identical shaped pieces from the same mother crystal will un-veil two similar, yet unique gems.  Opals have been known to have blue, red, yellow, green, orange, and purple fires, while the over-all opal maybe blue, black, clear, white, or even orange. 

Turmoline is the Secondary Birth Stone.  Turmoline is a very diverse gem stone.  They are fairly durable, so they can be worn everyday, and are available in a wide rainbow of colors; reds, peaches, yellows, greens, blues, and hues in between.  Most commonly chosen for October are Pink; for girls and Green; for boys.  

November's Birth Stone is Citrine and Topaz: topaz_citrine.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Scorpio & Sagittarius

Citrine is the Primary Birth Stone.  Citrine is a hardy Gem, that is a member of the Quartz family and good for daily wear.  It ranges from a rich warm yellow to a medium golden orange, to a deep red.  Citrine is mined mostly in Bolivia and Brazil.  It is thought to protect it's wearer against various evils - from snake venom to wicked thoughts.  Today its radiant color is associated with joyfulness, youth, and vitality.  

Topaz is the secondary birth stone, and is also a hardy gem that is good for every daywear.  It ranges in a wide variety of different colors that reflect its rich beauty, from majestic red-orange, to brilliant gold, to blues that mirror the ocean. The area in which they are found give them their own unique color.  Topaz have been throughout time.  The Ancient Egyptians wore Golden Topaz for protection because they believe that its Golden Color came from their Sun God Ra.  The Ancient Romans would wear Topaz to improve their eye sight.  The Ancient Greeks believed wearing Topaz would increase their strength and turn the wearer invisible, hiding them from enemies.

December's Birth Stone is Blue Zircon: BlueZirconLoose-33.jpg

The Zodiac Birth Stone for Sagittarius & Capricorn

Blue Zircon is a spectacular deep aqua-blue that is often tinged with a shimmering teal hue.  In the past, colorless forms of Zircon were long favored because this breathtaking gem with its brilliance and dispersion looks more like diamond than any other gem.  They were used in place of a Diamond when the look was desired without the cost.  During this time Blue was actually less common than the Colorless beacuse it needs extra heating to achieve its Beautiful teal color and is very rare to find it naturally (non-enhanced) in blue.

Like many of the other gems we favor, Zircon does come in a variety of hues from a Clear or White, to Blue, to Golden Yellow, to Red and a variety of the hues in between.  It is mined in Cambodia, Burma, Thialand, Sir Lanka, Australia, Malagasy, Republic, Tanzania, Vietnam, and France (Haute Loire).