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Blue Eyris Pearls
Life isn’t black and white…

It’s full of color…

and that is what sets these Wonderful pearls apart.

Eyris Pearls
Not only are these beautiful Eyris Pearls are very Unique and Rare, the designer of this Fabulous Collection is no longer making it. So the only Eyris Pearl Designs available are what we have in stock.

Eyris Pearls are only found in New Zealand and are only cultured by Imperial Delta; who has the jewelry pieces designed by award winning designer Marie Scarpa. Who in fact won AGTA Spectrum Award for her “BLUE MOON” Eyris Pearl Pendant!

While abalone regularly produce Mabe pearls, only the Pabe; a black lip abalone native to New Zealand transfers the magnificent combination of blues, green violet and pinks - bright and vibrant, soft and subtle on to the pearl it self. This variation in color gives each pearl a distinctive character and uniqueness. New Zealand is the only location that has the right climate and atmosphere to support these Pabe Abalone allowing them to form the blue pearl (Haliotis iris).

And even in New Zealand to find one of these pearls by chance is un-heard of. Haliotis iris cultivator Roger Beattie cultivates these Native New Zealanders and gives them the best possible chance; through vitamins, relocation during bad weather and undesired climate changes. Still with Roger’s close watch only 3% of his Haliotis iris are Gem Quality; meaning beautiful enough and sturdy enough to be used in jewelry.

After the 97% not usable in jewelry is weeded out, then the designer Marie Scarpa will begin designing these beautiful unique creations, and only 1% of the 3% remaining will become jewelry. Marie only chooses the most beautiful of the Eyris pearls to use in her designs. As she wants her jewelry to be timeless, spectacular master pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation, which shows in her designs and quality of jewelry.

We would love to show you the Blue Eyris pearl in person.